[Dotnet] Core Cinderella Story

Oct 19, 2019 23:14 · 347 words · 2 minute read #Net Core #ASP

So guys, a month ago I’ve presented about creating an apps using [Dotnet] Core 2.2.
When I asked the audience in the early of my presentation about what is .Net Core and where is it from, they all asnwer the same thing, “ASP?, microsoft? uh hell no, what a whack framework”.

Yah, it’s so bad to hear that. But in the other hand, I’m so lucky to finally present about this “Old Style Framework” and how far it has been developed since the day.

Talk about Dotnet, it’s not fair if we forget about how big it is in the early 20’s century.
Maybe one of the best framework at the day. How it has been implemented MVC in the beautiful way to change how programming a website scenario to be a fun way and full of art. But for most of current web dev, ASP.NET especially is just an Old School framework that lack of modern ways of building a website. Just say about Migration, Dependency Injection, Scaffolding, Async-await function, and any other modern things. So, are they, ASP.Net team did not try to update that “Old School Framework”?. The answer is YES. They DID. But Mostly of us did not know about that. And that’s the main reason why people always call it with that Tag.

Since ASPDotnet 4.7, Microsoft try to rebranding their web framework using “the same name” (LOL), but with “Core” added to it. Oh, it’s version also changed from 4.7 to 1.0. Whattt? it’s a downgrade. hahaha. But the reason behind this rebranding is to tell developers about a Reborn of ASPDotnet. Microsoft create a new Web Framework that implement most of current edge of technology and concept in modern web framework like what I said above. And since the day ,ASP.Net Core is on 3.0 Version.

Check it later, and you will be so amaze about this story. Thats’ why I called as “Cinderella Story”. Next post or whenever I want, I will talk about how to implement/create modern web app like RESTFull API or SPA using ASPDotnetCore. Stay tuned!

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