Solution of Content-Length Mismatch Composer error

Nov 1, 2019 08:28 · 252 words · 2 minute read #Composer #Daily Solution

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Sometimes you stuck on run composer install or composer update and you do not know what is happened. I know that feel, 5 minutes ago I got this case (again -_-) and I forget how to solve it. hahaha. So I think, I must saving those step again on somewhere, so I can look for it again when this problems appear. My blog is the best place for it (alongside gist github).

Show more verbose message

First, if you got stuck when running composer install or composer update, try to show more message, with add -vvv option on composer.

composer install -vvv

After run above command, we will get more message about what is really happened. And then, the “real” problem appear.

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This error happened because our composer try to download a package that using http.


So, the solution is just to force composer to run only through https protocol. Then change all the relate-packages that still run above http.

Edit composer.json

if you do not know the location ofyour composer.json, just type composer -vvv. Open files, and add this configuration:

  "config": {
    "github-protocols": [
  "repositories": {
    "packagist": {
      "type": "composer",
      "url": ""

With this configuration, we will tell the composer to run only through https/ssh protocols, and we change url of to respond from https. Done, save it!

Then, let’s run again our ```composer install`` and you will see it run smoothly without getting any error/stuck.

Hope this help you!