For people that always asked me “What the f are you focus on right now?”, or simple “What are you doing right now?”, this page give them almost everything about that question. Inspired by Derek Sivers.


Currently working as Lead Engineer & Web Developer at my own software house, Upana Studio. Nothing else. although we are bootstraping right now, we have 5 main member, 2 full-time employees, and more than 3 interns every 3 month. Maybe you wanna be our first investor?, contact me or give your contact number. I’ll contact you soon!.


This is personal information, right? so I’ll keep it for myself. LOL.


Currently I’m an ESFP. Check 16 Personality for more information.


I didn’t read any book right now. Maybe just less than 10 articles on the internet every day. :(


Komunitas Programmer Makassar

Social Media

I’m so upset with facebook privacy issues. So I don’t have that sh*t. I have twitter that you can access it on the bottom of this page, or you can view my instagram for my daily activity. My social activity is just around linkedin or github, and Yah, Youtube XD.

Coding activity

This picture show my coding activity. Like what I’ve described in the About Page, my main programming languange is PHP. But currently, I’m fallin’ in love with .Net Core and SSG (Hugo).